Savanorė Azatuhi iš Armėnijos: Lietuvoje išmokau tarptautinės širdies kalbos


DSC_3713Norime pasidalinti nuošidžia savanorės Azatuhi iš Armėnijos istorija iš jos pačios lūpų. Azatuhi 11 mėnesių pagal EST programą savanoriavo Melkio mokykloje.


“After coming back home from my EVS people kept asking me.Did you like it? Have your expectations been fulfilled?


That’s the hardest question for me to answer shortly, because I embarked on my EVS journey without any expectations that I usually would have before starting anything new. This time I just decided to leave all my expectations aside that have always been disturbing me to live with the flow, feel relaxed and not to wait hopelessly for miracles to happen in my life…and however surprising it may sound, this time it worked…It worked, giving me much more that I could ever imagine…even when it came to miracles.


Most of my time, even most of my weekends I chose to be with my hosting organization Melkio Mokykla. By giving my time to the Melkys community, I received lots of love, warmth, help and became a member of the family of people with open HEART.


I learnt how to be in peace, be joyful, not to rush, be with myself. I learnt the language, which is possible to use in every country and with all people in the world: the language of the heart.


I always got gratefulness from the people for every little thing I did in Melkys community and it encouraged me to do more and more and work on me to do my best. I learnt to be patient and found courage finally to do the things I have never done before: I jumped into the water, ran every morning a few kilometers, overcame my fear to ride a bike, even learnt to play on kankles (Lithuanian musical instrument) for one day ( huge thanks to Inna ).

As I didn’t know Lithuanian to use words for my students to explain them what does it mean education for me I just started to be the example for them: wearing dresses created by me, doing most of the things that I needed in my daily life handmade, having healthy food, trying things that are very new for me such as jumping from tarzanka (long rope hanging from the tree), hiking 20 and more kms together… My aim was always encourage them to create beauty and kindness within and around them…

In the end I found that this was not an easy, but very valuable learning for me, to be the one, who you wish to be the others…and this was just the beginning for my inner openings…


Coming back and reading my diaries I found another surprise for me, my Lithuanian experience was exactly what I was seeking for. I met all the people I was missing in my life in that period, learnt all the things I was feeling the lack of and finally understood what I really want to do in this life.

Now I am so THANKFUL  to everyone who made this experience to come true for me and everyone who came into my life to be a wheel of a huge mechanism of the Space…
Ačiū tau visiems,  aš tave myliu,