Savanorė iš Sakartvelo Eto: pasidariau tatuiruotę su Lietuvos vėliava, nes pamilau šią šalį

etuna10 months of happiness

Where do I start from?

I’m Eto Vepkhvadze, 31 years old, from Georgia, from an amazing region Imereti, Kharagauli, I was working in capital city, in Tbilisi for several years at private school as a Librarian, so I had a job that was really connected to me – The educational field, kids, books.

And I decided to abandon my comfort zone and I started to find something interesting, life-changing, challanging, I’m always looking for new adventures in my life. And I found out European Solidarity Corps and its project in Lithuania, I didn’t think too much, I catched the opportunity and here I am. Currently I’m a volunteer in Vilnius, it’s been 10 month, I’m working in a kindergarten “Lauko Darželis”

The first impression is what counts, I can say. The Kindergarten where I’m volunteering is literally amazing. I was surprised with an ideology that they use and respect. My kindergarten is outdoor, the values are Love, Health and Freedom, we spend the whole day outdoor in the forest, a little bit far from city centre. Sometimes I’m thinking and saying to myself : You are working somewhere in other imaginary world, where everything is full of love and calmness. People are always suffering to live in the middle of high buildings with big city noise, where we are talking to each other but we can’t hear what we are saying. The park and forest where I’m working is an amazing atmosphere for kids, to give them a clear sheet to start developing their little minds, bodies, souls.

My principal love here is my kindergarten, sometimes I’m asking to myself, how did i deserve to be a part of this family.  These kids became the parts of my life. At work I’m feeling very comfortable because the staff is also great and helpful, I’m participating in every task what we have there : caring for children with basic hygiene, physical safety, prepare the environment for activities, to maintain cleanliness and order indoors and outdoors, to give them a walk in the forest, to organize the little campings, help kids to sleep. Even they don’t know neither my native language, nor english and I can’t speak fluently lithuanian (I know some basic phrases of course) we can communicate freely and actively, because kids only need to see your warm and love, your brighting eyes and they understand you. No words needed. etuna2Lithuania – I got tatoo with Lithuanian flag colours, and i think everything is already said. I’m in love with this amazing country, language, nature and people. 10 months are enough to feel yourself like a local – a little bit, sometimes i even help other foreigners in adaptation.

The firs step of volunteering is an adaptation, this step is full of new things, full of surprises and you need to be strong sometimes. from the second step you start becoming the part of this new country, new culture, new family, then you feel free and happy, you start travelling around the baltic countries and not only.

Where we are now?

The last two month was hard for us, volunteers, for Lithuania and for the whole world we can say. We are in quarantine it’s been 2 month. for the beggining it was very stresfull for me to stay home all the time, without seeing my kids and without my kindergarten, but slowly I started adapting and I’m always looking forward for every monday morning when we have online meeting with our collegues and kids.

At last but not least…

My project is going to the end and I will leave this country soon, I don’t know how to say a huge thank to my hosting organization “Litdea”, who gave me the chance to have such an amazing adventure in my life. I’m very close to go back to my hometown, but I also feel like home here : I’m not afraid to call Lithuania home